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Make History at Champion Ranch

How would it feel to fire the exact .45-90 Winchester that Theodore Roosevelt did? How about Ernest Hemingway’s Westley Richards .577 double rifle? Come find out on April 24th. In partnership with the Dallas Safari Club, the Historial Rifle Society is presenting a chance for you to shoot 13+ of the world’s most significant hunting rifles.

The Historic Rifle Society’s Bill Jones Collection includes these rifles:

•Theodore Roosevelt – .45-90 Winchester 

•Ernest Hemingway – Westley Richards .577 double rifle 

•Frederick Courtney Selous – Gibbs .461

•Henry Morton Stanley – Model 1876 Winchester 45-75 

•Jim Corbett – WJ Jeffrey 450-400 NE 

•Fletcher Jamieson – WJ Jeffrey .500 Jeffrey 

•Phillip Percival – Rigby .470 NE double rifle 

•Maharaja of Surguja – Rigby .470 double rifle 

•John Kingsley-Heath – Winchester .458 Win Mag 

•John Hunter – Boswell .500 NE 

•Tony Sanchez-Arino – WJ Jeffrey .500 Jeffrey 

•Elmer Keith – Westley Richards .476 NE 

•Jack O’Connor – Al Biesen .458 Win Mag

All proceeds go to the DSC’s conservation efforts. Spots are extremely limited, so we recommend registering today!

Date: April 24th-26th at Champion Ranch

Pricing: $15,000 charitable contribution (Does not include lodging – 2 night minimum)

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