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The Nilgai is a large antelope that more resembles a horse than a bull in stature and body structure. Four to five feet tall at the shoulder, the Nilgai's shoulders are set higher than his hindquarters giving a long, slanting appearance. Born brown, Male coat color changes to blue-gray or charcoal as animal matures but the females remain brown. The narrow rump patch and throat bib are white, as well as 2 patches above each ankle and 2 small spots on check and jawline. Males grow sharp, devil-like horns that grow up and curve slightly forward. Average horn length is 6 to 10". Horn bases become more triangular with age. Bulls have a unique "beard" of hair that hangs from their neck that seems to resemble that found on a Male turkey. Nilgai meat is some of the tastiest in the world.

Key Facts



Gestation Period:
8 months

Number of Young:
twins 60% time

Maximum Age:
10-12 years in the wild

Males Only

Year Round

Pursue record-setting trophies.