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Blue Sheep

This medium-sized sheep is 45 to 65 inches long along the head-and-body, with a tail of 4 to 8 inches. They stand 27 to 36 inches high at the shoulder. Body mass can range from 77 to 165 lb. Males are slightly larger than females. The short, dense coat is slate grey in color, sometimes with a bluish sheen. The underparts and backs of the legs are white, while the chest and fronts of the legs are black. Separating the grey back and white belly is a charcoal colored stripe. The ears are small, and the bridge of the nose is dark. The horns are found in both sexes, and are ridged on the upper surface. In males, they grow upwards, then turn sideways and curve backwards, looking somewhat like an upside-down moustache. They may grow to a length of 31 inches. In females, the horns are much shorter and straighter, growing up to 8 inches long.

Key Facts



Gestation Period:
5-6 months

Number of Young:

Maximum Age:
15 years

Male & Female

Year Round

Pursue record-setting trophies.