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Native Whitetail

The most abundant big game animal in North America, the whitetail deer is named for its signature tail and white underparts. According to scientists, there are actually 38 sub-species of whitetail deer. A favorite with hunters for the trophy racks, whitetail can be elusive, running up to 40 miles per hour and able to clear an 8 foot hurdle. Whitetail antler growth is usually complete by the end of August, and the speed at which their antlers grow makes them the fastest growing structures in the animal kingdom. A whitetail buck sheds his antlers every year, usually between late December and February. The members of the deer family are ruminants, having a four-compartmented stomach, which allows the deer to feed very rapidly. Not having a gall bladder allows them to eat vegetation that would kill domestic animals.

Management Buck$2,500
Up to 139"$3,500
Up to 149"$4,500
Up to 159"$6,500
Up to 169"$7,500
Up to 179"$8,500
Up to 189"$9,500
Up to 199"$10,500
Up to 210"$13,000

Key Facts

North America


Gestation Period:
6.5 months

Number of Young:
1-2 (triplets uncommon)

Maximum Age:
8-12 years

Males Only

Oct-Jan 15

Pursue record-setting trophies.